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Nyeri Estate Farm Leaders

November 5, 2018 by Posted in:

Nyeri Hill Kenya coffee produced by Nyeri Estate farm leaders

The Nyeri Hill farm is run by a Farm Management Board with His Grace, +Most Rev. Peter Kairo, the Archbishop of Nyeri as the Chairman. The Technical Committee Members in liaison with the Farm Manager handles all the Technical farm management issues and reports to the Farm Management Board which is the final decision making body as far as the approval of the Budget and all other major developments concerning the farm.

The Farm Manager is in charge of all day to day managerial farming activities within the farm. He is also a Member of both the Technical Committee and the Farm Management Board where he sits as the Secretary. The Farm Manager has a working team which includes the Assistant Manager, Section Heads, Supervisors, Skilled and Semi-Skilled labour in different fields and the general labor.

The Archdiocese of Nyeri through Nyeri Hill Farm and its other institutions is reputedly the biggest employer in Nyeri County and has over the years assisted the local community by providing them with subsidized health and educational facilities. It’s Institutions of learning are ranked among the best performers.

Every year, the management of Nyeri Hill Farm has for a number of years been sponsoring eight of the best performing Primary School pupils from disadvantaged families from the neighborhood to continue with their education up to the end of their secondary school education.