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Best Specialty Coffee from Burundi by Nemba Coopertive

This Burundi is one of our best specialty coffee lots, by the Nemba cooperative and has unique notes of muddled red grapes, orange peel, cardamom, and gingersnap cookies. This specialty coffee is sure to stand out from others you may have experienced before, scoring 93 points by Coffee Review. We hope you’ll appreciate the irresistible apricot aroma as you raise your mug for each sweet sip.

This delicious Burundi coffee began as a collaboration with fellow coffee roasters, Kickapoo Coffee; this crop is one of the best specialty coffee from Nebma, and comes with more than just unique flavor notes, but also with a sourcing story that in one-of-a-kind. The really interesting thing about this coffee is that we are, through added premium per green pound, buying goats. Goats! Learn More at: