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Learn About Coffee With Us

There is so much to learn about coffee! This is one of the things that makes it so much fun to work with. We’ve found that coffee education is ongoing; from coffee brewing, to learning barista skills, to cupping coffee and evaluating quality, to the process of roasting and importing. Wherever you are in your coffee journey, we invite you to learn along with us.

Coffee Brewing Guides

There are several techniques you can use to be the best coffee maker, and they vary by brew method. Each unique brew methods calls for different grind sizes and brew times. With so many different ways to make coffee we find that brew guides are very helpful. In our guides you can find out how to make a pour over coffee. This includes making coffee with a Hario V60 Dripper or Chemex Brewer. Additionally, we cover full emersion brewing with a French press. Explore these brew guides for tips on how to brew the best cup of coffee.

Barista Training in Florida

Interested in taking your barista skills to the next level? Or, wanting to learn how to become a barista? Journey through the barista skill path with our SCA certified trainer. In our coffee classes you’ll acquire the necessary skills to be a barista. These include proper grinding, dosing, tamping shots, steaming milk, latte art, selecting the right coffee beans, brewing techniques and equipment maintenance. Let the us share our knowledge and experience to help grow your specialty coffee and tea business and treat your customers to refreshing beverages every day. We’ll love if you join us for barista training in Florida.

Coffee Cupping Sessions

For coffee lovers who want to know more and for people working in the food & beverage industry, coffee cupping is a way to expand your understanding of coffee. Cupping is a tasting technique for evaluating coffee flavors. In one of these sessions, you’ll gain insight into where coffee is grown and how coffee is processed. On top of that you’ll get to know our coffee roasting philosophy and the protocols for evaluating coffee.

Learning About Coffee

On Our Blog

Let’s have a conversation around coffee, community, and sustainability. From the coffee origin to the best brewing methods, we invite you to explore our coffee blog to get stories about your favorite specialty coffee beans, straight from the source. We believe supporting sustainable specialty coffee transcends sourcing, roasting, and serving the best organic coffees. Here you can also find: stories from our local Florida communities, highlights about sustainable brands that inspire us, in addition to learning about local and industry events and how you can get involved.